For Axis Pipe and Tube, safety is much more than a checkbox on a list. It’s the heart of our commitment to our employees. And it’s the responsibility of everyone in our organization, from top to bottom and across all departments

We believe that every employee has the right to come to a safe, healthy workplace every day — and to return home safely to his or her family when work is done. That’s why we educate every Axis Pipe and Tube employee on the importance of safety from Day One on the job. By making safety and health a personal responsibility for everyone, we create a “safety first” culture where we can all work together towards our goal of eliminating all injuries and accidents.

Our safety policy isn’t just good for our employees — it’s good for our customers, too. When employees work in a safe, clean, healthy environment that’s free of dangerous distractions, they can truly focus on excellence in everything they do. For Axis Pipe and Tube customers, that means better quality products — the kind of quality that keeps them coming back.

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Our ongoing safety initiatives include:

  • Hazard identification
  • Risk assessment
  • Safety training
  • Awareness programs

  • Axis Pipe and Tube believes that all accidents can be prevented with training, communication and personal responsibility."

  • The Axis Pipe and Tube family always strives to uphold an environment of safety, where every employee is focused on the safety of others."

  • At Axis Pipe and Tube, our number one asset is our people, and we take every opportunity to increase their safety."